Why Weight Loss Goals Are A Waste Of Time

Why Weight Loss Goals Are A Waste Of Time Image

Now I don’t mean you shouldn’t have goals for losing weight.

Of course, we need to have a goal that gives us some kind of expectation.

But, most people handle goals all wrong, and so they fail.

Are your weight loss goals successful?

Can you stick to them and get the results you want?

More often than not, most people fail to achieve their goals. Some are way off. No one would blame them for believing weight loss goals just don’t work.

I’m sure that the millions of people worldwide who struggle with their weight all the time have goals. But, they’re still struggling with their weight so something is completely off here.

Why weight loss goals inevitably fail?

Let me get this straight though. You need to have goals. You need to know what you’re aiming for. But, where many people go wrong is they only focus on achieving the goal after they make one. They focus on the result they want. This will most likely fail for a number of reasons.

Here are some of those reasons:

1. Most folks set goals that are so unrealistic they don’t even believe they can reach them.
2. They are so focused on the outcome that they only have vague ideas on how to get there.
3. They create a diet plan that’s so restrictive they’ll just get swamped with intense cravings all the time.
4. They fail to notice the small successes because all their attention is on the end result.
5. They’re impatient and forget how long it took them to get overweight.
6. They haven’t taken the time to learn how to develop the correct weight loss mindset. They need my new book!
7. They don’t realize that it’s whom you become after you’ve lost weight that’s important. Not the outcome. You must have a clear vision of the who.
8. They lack good systems and processes that will get them to their goal. Not just a diet plan.
9. Unwilling or lack of knowledge to change ingrained habits that are pulling them down.

Your goal is important, but not as important as your system or your vision for whom you want to be. That ideal version of you that you desire to become. Only you know what that is for you. Take the time to sit down with a pen and paper to really discover this ideal person.

The all-or-nothing approach to weight loss

Beware of the all-or-nothing trap. Our minds sometimes get so stuck on the ultimate goal that they won’t accept anything less than that. Important milestones on your journey are rejected as trivial.

They’re not trivial. Each and every one of them should be celebrated as a major accomplishment. When you have that kind of mindset, motivation is enhanced and you’re more likely to reach your main goal.

Say for example you want to reduce your weight by ten pounds. You start off well but it takes a few weeks to drop one pound. You feel discouraged because you’re nowhere near your goal. You want it now. So you start to invalidate yourself, criticize yourself, and believe there must be something wrong with you.

So you feel bad and just give up.

How about celebrating that one-pound win?

Like this. That’s awesome! I lost a pound. If I can lose one pound I can certainly lose another. It’s working and I feel good about myself. I’ll keep going until I’m 100% successful.

Staying positive is a mindset you need when changing habits or anything else for that matter.

What you should be doing instead of focusing on weight loss goals?

As I mentioned earlier, just focusing on your weight loss goal is a mistake and can ruin your chances of success.

You need to have a goal, but your main focus needs to be on your system and processes. They mustn’t be restrictive in any way.

For example, a good way is to use an app to help you manage your calorie intake. There are sites online that you can enter all your data into and it will tell you how many calories you should be eating per day for losing weight. Fatsecret.com is an excellent, free app for this.

I used this way because I couldn’t judge how much food was too much. My portion control was way off. Once I started using an app to calculate my calories I was shocked to learn how much I was actually eating.

Counting calories does take a bit of work, but it’s worth it. I used to also take my small scale to the restaurant so I wouldn’t overeat. After a while, you’ll be able to have much better judgment.

There’s an excellent free website that will help you calculate the calories you need daily. It also gives you some charts you can download and print. You need to use it in “expert mode” to get the extra reports. Go to wlmind.com/bwp, that’s w-l-m-i-n-d.com/b-w-p

Create a weight loss system that works for you

You should take the time to work out in detail what kinds of systems and processes you need to implement for you. Don’t try one of those one-size-fits-all approaches. You might be disappointed. Experiment and try things that work for you.

Think about what you need to do each day that will take you toward your goal. I don’t mean the goal of losing whatever number of pounds. I mean the goal of the person you want to become.

That slim, healthy person who feels comfortable in their body. That person who jumps out of bed with newfound energy in the morning. That person who likes to buy new clothes and looks great in them. That person who is happy and satisfied with themselves and feels proud they made it.

When you become that person you envision, you won’t go back to being overweight. On the other hand, if you by chance reach the outcome you wanted. You achieve your goal. You’ll probably end up just going back to how you were eating before. See the difference? It’s who you become that’s important and a whole lot more stable.

Tips to implement your system

• Never overly restrict your eating.
• Don’t focus on your goal, focus on your system and the person you wish to become. Make this clear!
• Celebrate all small wins along the way with gusto.
• Set your mindset for weight loss and keep it there. Never give up.
• Use a good weight loss affirmation to reprogram your mind for losing weight. It helps.
• Be grateful for yourself, your body, the healthy food you can eat, and anything else every day.

Final words

After you make your goal, try putting it aside and focus only on your system and processes. Your day-to-day actions will get you the result you want. If you stick to your system step-by-step every day, you will get there.

Try it. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed you’ll be when you just need to focus on the present-moment activities.

Acknowledge yourself after every successful step or day. This will keep you motivated to do well.

If you fail to follow a particular step or task, don’t sweat it. Let it go and never blame yourself for any mistakes. Just say, “It’s okay, I can always do better because I’m determined to succeed!” Then just go forward without being self-critical.

You’ll be surprised how well it works!

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