Is Your Subconscious Stopping You From Losing Weight?

Is Your Subconscious Stopping You From Losing Weight Image

Sometimes people are totally confused about being unable to lose weight.

 They work hard to get their weight down and then gain it all back in an instant. 

The subconscious mind stores hidden habits and traps to keep you overweight. 


Could be many different reasons. You must learn to deal with it before you’ll have success.

I think the worse feeling in the world is when you’re overweight and you finally lose a whole lot of it only to get it all back again and more. And this happens repeatedly. 

This story is so familiar for many. Or, maybe you try to lose weight but can’t stay committed to healthy lifestyle choices for longer than a week. What’s going on? Is your brain faulty and working against you? Maybe we just prefer staying overweight, right? Or the brain thinks it’s better if we stay that way.

Your subconscious mind has a lot of power over your actions. It makes you hold on to unhealthy habits and keeps you fat. Here’s some ideas on that!

Being Overweight Has Become Part Of Your Identity

When you’ve been overweight for a long time or most of your life, you’ve probably created some “tricky” coping strategies so you feel more comfortable. Or, maybe you’ve found a comfortable “niche” in your social circles.

People usually have to come up with some other identity if they’re overweight. Maybe it’s the fat but funny one who makes jokes about their weight. Maybe the fat but happy one, or the fat but always touchy one. No matter what it is, it’s now part of how you identify yourself. It’s part of who you’ve become.

Because of that, losing weight now is a scary prospect. It would mean losing your identity. Do you see how that is? If you’re not the fat but (fill in the blank) person, then who are you?

This frightens people every time they consider what it really means to finally lose weight and change their habits completely. It sounds too simple, but it can stop people cold if they’re not aware of this phenomena.

A Slightly Twisted Sense of Self-Worth

Maybe you have everything you ever wanted in your life except you struggle in just one area. Your weight! If things are so wonderful you might question if you deserve to have the perfect life. If you’re a bit short on self-worth, could feel as though you’re unworthy to have a perfect body too.

 Kind of like being overweight is saying, “see it’s fine that I’m not so healthy. I have everything I could possibly want. It’s not fair to be perfect.” It’s a way to justify being unhealthy by thinking you don’t deserve health and happiness in every area of your life. Yes! A little screwy, right?

Food Equals Love and Security

People who are addicted to food or can’t lose weight are emotionally connected or attached to eating. You feel food is equal to safety, love, economic stability, or security. It doesn’t matter what attachment it is, but it’s far more than just simple nutrition and fuel for your body.

When you eat and offer food to others, it projects love and security. You show that you’re committed to them and that you honor family traditions. Even though these actions could be damaging your health.

Maybe It’s All About Control

People feel the need to control their lives. This is especially true for many who struggle with food and weight loss. They believe that dieting is somehow giving up that control to someone else. Maybe you were raised with strict rules regarding food. Food was used as a reward or punishment.

It could be that you have control issues in other areas of your life. So it could be that trying to change how you eat might hit on more about controlling your emotions and choices for your life. Not just about your ability to control what you eat.

Listen, I’m sure like many others you’re tired of continuous dieting and fluctuating weight, right? Are you ready to commit yourself to lasting and permanent change in your life? A change that’ll give you healthier weight, better well-being. You must understand how these psychological roadblocks can stop you. 

If you feel your subconscious is keeping you overweight to feel comfortable somehow, to help you deal with some distant childhood pain, or identity issues, you now know where to start working on your journey to better health.

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