If You Can’t See Yourself Losing Weight, How Will You Be Successful?

If You Can't See Yourself Losing Weight, How Will You Be Successful? Image

When you think of losing weight, can you see yourself exactly as you want to be?

Do you have the belief you can reach your perfect weight?

If you can’t clearly see it, how can you be it?

You’ll just give up!

Vincent Van Gogh said “I dream my painting and then I paint my dreams”

How do you expect to accomplish anything worthwhile if you can’t envision it?

If you can’t see yourself with the body you want to have after you lose weight, you’ll keep the one you already have.

Most people who are overweight dislike their bodies. They don’t like the way they look. People who are okay with it have just given up and live in apathy about their bodies.

It takes practice to envision your body at your ideal weight, but it’s worth the effort. And it’s easy to do. All you need is a little time, a quiet place, and your mind.

And it’s fun!

Take the time to see yourself as the slim, healthy person you wish to be. See yourself wearing the clothes you look great in. See your friends complimenting you on your new look. Feel how it would feel.

You are free to create anything you want in your own mind.

It’s your lab for creating a life worth living.

Here’s what else you need to make your vision a reality

Yes, having a powerful vision can help you get what you want and be successful in anything. It’s not just about losing weight.

There are also two very important factors that will strengthen your vision. A strong, definite purpose and the faith you’ll achieve it.

When you have these three things all working in harmony, you’ll be successful.

It’s easy to do. It just takes willingness and consistent action.

What is a strong, definite purpose?

A definite purpose has a well-defined positive result.

It’s all the reasons behind your vision. Your goal is not it. It’s the benefits you’ll receive from achieving your goal. Wanting to lose weight is a purpose, but it won’t get you fired up with a desire for achieving it, right?

There aren’t any powerful feelings, emotions, or drive in it. It won’t keep you focused, in action, and moving forward.

When you focus on all the powerful reasons you have for losing weight, magic happens.

For example, all the ways you’ll feel when you reach your target. How you’ll look. What that will feel like for you. How others around you will feel about your new look? Etc. Not just ideas, you must be able to feel what it’ll be like.

These strong, positive, emotional feelings will keep driving you towards that future you.

The third important factor is faith

Faith is one of the most important keys for achieving your vision for weight loss—or anything else.

Faith is a powerful belief in yourself. It’s the belief that you absolutely CAN get what you want. The more faith you have, the less doubt you’ll have. It’s that simple.

Faith is the antidote for doubt and failure!

I know what you might think…

But, what if I have little belief in myself or my goal?

You know, I don’t think anyone starts out with a lot of faith or belief they can do what they set out to do. If they could, there wouldn’t be much of a problem with their weight.

Faith and belief is something you need to cultivate.

When you continue focusing on your powerful vision, your strong, definite purpose, and all the truly amazing feelings you’ll get from seeing your future success, the more your faith will grow.

The more you put into it, the faster the results.

When you begin your vision of what you desire, your faith and belief will most likely be insignificant. You’ll feel like giving up. But don’t!

Keep going and your faith in your purpose will increase.

Now you know you can grow your faith. The doubt will disappear slowly, but surely. Knowledge is power!

Begin by working on your vision and on your purpose. Cultivate your faith. Never give up!

In the next episode, we’ll dig a little deeper. We’ll discuss how your thoughts can be your best friends or your worst enemies. And how you can take control over the outcome!

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