How Meditation Helps Recovering From Eating Disorders

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Recovering from an eating disorder can be a massive task. When in a controlled environment, such as a hospital recovery may be easier, but when reintroduced to the real world, things often take a negative toll. 

This is where meditation comes into play. Meditation at its core helps you to relax, and overcome the stresses of everyday life, that at times become overbearing. 

Meditation Teaches Self-Control

Impulsiveness is one of the major issues associated with eating disorders, a trait cultivated from years of bad habits. Meditation improves conscious thought, and promotes self-control by focusing your thoughts on something else. 

Meditation Improves Intelligent Thinking

You may be asking what does intelligence have to do with an eating disorder, right? In the context of intelligence, nothing, because there’s no easy way to predict who’s susceptible to an eating disorder… 

Meditation Boosts Well Being And Mood

Meditation promotes the release of feel good brain chemicals, known as endorphins, which improve wellbeing. And the best part? Meditation is calorie free! 

Meditation Urges You To Fight

Keeping afloat can be a real struggle, day in and day out. It’s much easier to fall back into the trap of an eating disorder than it is to fight it every day. But, meditation can be included as part of a larger strategy to keep you on the straight and narrow.


Recovering from an eating disorder is tough, but meditation can make it much easier. It takes more than meditation alone, but by incorporating sessions every day, you’ll be on your way to a fulfilling and happy life.

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