How Losing Weight Frees Your Mind And Gives You Life-Changing Emotional Benefits

How Losing Weight Frees Your Mind And Gives You Life-Changing Emotional Benefits Image

Can you even imagine how it would feel when you reach your ideal weight?

The abundance of energy you’ll have to do the things you love to do?

To achieve lasting weight loss, you must be able to see and feel exactly what it would be like.

See it vividly, and keep that in your mind every day.

Losing weight can have incredible benefits on both your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes the emotional effects of being overweight can be devastating. Low self-esteem, depression, and body shame can make your situation worse. That’s why I suggest mindset boosting techniques like meditation, self-compassion, and acceptance of what is.

When you start loving yourself right now with all the defects and problems, your faith and self-esteem increase.

So today! Right now! Knock off all the self-blame. Get in front of the mirror and start flowing love to yourself and your body.

Understand that this is the path to lasting weight loss.

1 – How does your life improve after losing substantial amounts of weight?

On the physical side, the positive effects can be enormous.

Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension have been known to disappear completely. You even lessen the chances of getting cancer. You’ll physically feel more energetic and healthy.

You’ll soon realize you forgot just how good you could feel.

On the mental or emotional side, the effects can be even more amazing. It’s this mental and emotional change, your mindset, that will keep you stable. This will lead to lasting weight loss.

Let’s take a look at some of these mental and emotional changes.

2 – Your self-esteem comes back

When you begin to steadily lose weight, your attitude changes.

You start to believe it’s possible for you to lose weight. This strengthens your mindset. As you drop more and more weight your body feels and looks better. People begin to comment on how great you look.

This gives you more power to keep going to achieve your goals.

Your confidence in yourself increases. Your self-esteem returns and you love yourself more and more.

The important thing here is, you need to be able to envision all this before you get there.


Because it creates the right mindset that is strong enough to keep you on track.

3 – You won’t feel so depressed or your depression will completely disappear

What came first, the depression or the weight gain?

It doesn’t really matter. It could be either way in different people. One thing for sure is, weight gain doesn’t help your depression whether it was caused by it or not.

I would suggest doing practices like guided meditation, yoga, or other relaxation methods either way.

Lessening your depression will help you on your weight loss journey. No doubt about that.

Healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle including some form of exercise has been known to improve depression symptoms.

Just have faith that by losing enough weight your mental health will improve along with your physical health.

4 – You will have a far better quality of life and live longer

Being overweight shortens your life!

This has been proven. Obesity causes diseases that have a dramatic impact on your longevity. These diseases slowly destroy your body.

But by losing weight, you’re automatically changing your health.

The diseases caused by being overweight, slowly begin to fall away. Your life expectancy increases and you become happier.

These are great reasons to lose weight, don’t you think?

5 – Your brain will feel fresh and clear and the fogginess will reduce

For me, one of the worst things about being overweight was the lack of clarity of thinking.

That dullness in the head that stops your enjoyment of life. It affects your memory. It affects your decisions. We need a clear mind to operate efficiently.

Losing weight restores your ability to think clearly and make better decisions.

6 – You won’t be so emotional after losing weight

A way we’ve learned to deal with emotions is by eating.

And it’s usually by eating the foods that aren’t healthy. High-carb, sugary foods with unhealthy fats. We eat to make ourselves feel better. This is not a good coping mechanism to have.

Using food to handle your emotions creates a strong habit that’s harder to break.

When you find other methods to deal with your emotions, food once again becomes a nutritional rather than an emotional activity.

You must make dealing with your emotions effectively, a priority in your weight loss plan.

That way, you’ll feel happier and will be less likely to fall into emotional eating again.

Imagine being happy without needing food to feel that way.

All the amazing emotional and psychological changes that you’ll experience with permanent weight loss are well worth going for.

Becoming more satisfied with your body, your health, and your life leads to more enjoyment and satisfaction, less depression, and a happier life.

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