Do You Get More Subconscious Benefit from Staying Overweight Than Losing the Weight?

Show Notes

The story is so familiar. Most people who are overweight and try to lose weight may find their efforts successful for a while but end up gaining back the weight they lost (plus a few extra) after each attempt.

Here are some of the subconscious ways that your mind may be holding on to your unhealthy habits and keeping YOU overweight.

Your Identity

If you’ve been overweight your entire life or most of your life, then you’ve likely developed some coping strategies to help you feel more comfortable or to find your “niche” in your social circles.

Your Sense of Self-Worth

By staying overweight, you’re saying to the world, “it’s okay that I’m not healthy. I have everything else I could want, so it wouldn’t be fair if I had it all.” You’re justifying your poor treatment of your health because you don’t think you deserve health and happiness in all areas of your life.

Your Security

Most people with food addiction or weight loss problems have emotional connections or attachments to eating.

Your Sense of Control

Many people who struggle with food and weight loss do so because they feel the need to control their lives or that dieting is somehow relinquishing that control to someone else.

If your subconscious is keeping you overweight to maintain the status quo or help you cope with childhood pain or identity questions, then you know where you need to start working to ensure success on your road to better health.

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