Cultivate An Unshakeable Weight Loss Mindset

Wishful thinking won’t work for losing weight.

A winning mindset is the only way you’ll make it.

Every day people are waking up to the reality that what they’re currently doing isn’t working.

I hate to break it to you, but without a tough, positive mindset, weight loss will always be a struggle.

You’ll always be losing the weight loss game. Every time you start to do well, something will undoubtedly trigger you and it’s back to square one.

A strong mindset keeps you accountable and you have a better chance of standing up and fighting the cravings

Here are a few tips to get you there.

1 – Stop blaming and shaming yourself

We all fail at times. That’s part of being human. But the worst thing you can do is give yourself pressure by blaming yourself.

Self-blame leads to stress and that leads to more, what? More overeating. It’s time to stop feeling shame for being overweight. That just puts you into a low-emotional state. You don’t need or want that.

It’s time to harness the power of your mind. Get out of the blame and instead make a strong commitment to follow a weight loss plan. One that’s easy to follow and isn’t restrictive.

When you’re determined to get results, nothing can stand in your way. Isn’t that better than being in that whiny, self-blame mode?

Love yourself now, exactly as you are. See yourself as you want to be and have faith that you can get there.

I take it you want to get there, right? You have some desire to lose weight and get back into your normal clothes.

So do this! Summon your faith in yourself, build up a burning desire to get your goal, and hold the expectation that it WILL happen. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you including yourself. You can do this.

2 – Don’t be so impatient

Even when you truly decide to follow your plan to lose weight, it still takes time. Be great if things in this world happened instantly, but they don’t.

You’ll have to practice patience. This is where a strong mindset helps you. If you’ve developed your mindset enough, you’ll realize that even though it’ll take time to reach your ideal weight, you still have faith in yourself and your ability. It’ll keep you calm.

Use different mindset tools to help you with this. Be grateful for yourself, your body, and all that you have.

Practice meditation and mindfulness. These will help you stay grounded.

Be patient knowing that you CAN and WILL reach your goal.

3 – Make your goals easy to reach so you have wins

If you make a goal but in the back of your mind you feel it’s hard or impossible to achieve, what use is that?

How about setting achievable milestones along the way to your main goal? That way you’re not focusing on a difficult goal. You focus on the next milestone only. You create a plan on how to get to that step.

See how that works. Now you have a step that’s easier to reach. And when you do reach it you’ll feel good about yourself. It’s a win.

Then make a plan for the next milestone.

Having these small wins will make you stronger. Much stronger than you ever thought possible. Before you know it, you’ll arrive at your main target and you’ll stay there forever.


Because you have become that determined person who can stick to their plan and achieve what they desire. Awesome, right?

4 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Do you have a close friend or family member you can talk to easily?

Someone who’ll listen to you without judging. Someone who’ll support you when things get tough.

If not, you might be able to join an online group and find an accountability partner to keep each other strong.

For some people, having support will make all the difference to their success.

If you need help, try your best to find it. Don’t be alone in this fight. You know what they say? Strength in numbers.

5 – Sit down and create a plan that’s realistic

An unrealistic plan will cause you to fail. Why do that?

It’s great to have big dreams, but if they only stay as dreams then what use are they?

Your plans must be well thought out so it’s worth taking your time. Keep tweaking it until the moment you shout Eureka! This I can definitely do.

When you have a great plan with the faith and determination to get it done, nothing will stand in your way.

Most people make impossible plans. I don’t why they do that to themselves. I believe it’s because people fail to grasp the reality of their own capabilities. It’s their ego getting in the way.

Start making a realistic plan today and put it into action.

6 – Don’t overly restrict yourself

There’s nothing that says you can’t enjoy yourself on your weight loss journey. Just make sure not to reward yourself with food.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy a snack sometimes. Of course you can. But it does need to fit into the guidelines of your plan.

By allowing yourself some leeway your diet becomes less restrictive. And if you do make a mistake and go overboard, don’t make yourself wrong or blame yourself.

Don’t be so serious with yourself. Just smoothly get back onto your plan and keep moving forward. If you make a big deal about it, it will become a big deal and you’ll feel terrible.

Just say, “Okay, I ate something that wasn’t part of my plan. It’s no problem. I’ll just refocus, get back on my plan, and keep going” Then smile and tell yourself how grateful you are for your persistence.

Final Words

Weight loss takes time. At times it’ll be a challenge. But, it’s a challenge that you can overcome.

Don’t let challenges get the best of you. You are much stronger than any of them.

By cultivating faith in yourself and having a burning desire to be successful with your plan, you’ll make it.

A strong mindset is key to your success. The more wins you let yourself have, the stronger you’ll become.

You’re creating positive habits for your life that will benefit you forever.

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