7 Ways Of Dealing With Emotions To Lose Weight

7 Ways Of Dealing With Emotions To Lose Weight Image

Negative emotions interfere with your weight loss efforts.

Reaching for comfort foods when you feel down isn’t the answer.

You need good methods to deal with your out-of-control emotions if you’re serious about losing weight.

Our mental wellbeing can negatively affect our daily behavior, viewpoint and feelings. When we’re dealing with difficult emotions, it’s impossible to handle stress, overcome challenges and build any kind of meaningful relationships.

It doesn’t matter how happy, healthy, or resilient you are. There are times in everyone’s life when we must face difficult experiences that are too much for us to handle.

We usually try to work through it, but other times we just simply run away from or avoid what’s bothering us. Of course this just makes it continue to build up inside until we crash.

Although running from our difficulties seems easier, it’s more productive if you accept them as a natural part of your life.

A super important part of actually dealing with emotions is acknowledging them and then finding useful skills for coping with them.

Without this process you’re at the mercy of unhealthy options that only lead to more problems further down the road. Things like binge-eating or eating lots of junk foods.

You have to develop courage and be fearless enough to deal with your emotions through trial and error until you find what works for you.

These seven strategies will help you deal with negative emotions and help you take control of your mental health.

1 – Identifying and naming your emotions

When you give your emotions a name or label it takes away their power. It makes it easier for you to work through them. Feelings may vary in intensity, but they all fall into four basic categories:

• anger
• sadness
• anxiety
• happiness

2 – Use a journal for expressing your true feeling

Let’s face it, there are things about us we don’t want anyone else to know. These could be embarrassing feelings or experiences. They’re personal to us and we don’t feel comfortable sharing them with others. It’s normal.

But there are studies that show when we open up by writing, it helps counteract or make sense of our feelings and experiences and puts things into perspective.

When you are able to categorize your thoughts this way, you’ll begin processing your feelings. Dealing with them becomes more realistic.

3 – Sharing your feelings with a friend you trust

Talking sometimes provide an outlet for self-expression without fear of rejection or judgment. It counterbalances the negativity and builds confidence and trust. A support group or therapist is also a great way to deal with difficult emotions and be surrounded with people who face similar difficulties.

I feel this way can take longer and has limited success. Why? Because of what I mentioned in number 2. We all have stuff we aren’t comfortable sharing. It takes a long time to develop trust in another person, especially strangers. It’s all that deep history of betrayal.

But doing all of these things can be of great benefit. Journaling and self-reflection done well can solve so many issues. But, it must be done well!

4 – Stop thinking so narrow and look at the big picture

Doing this will help you empathize with others who are suffering so you realize that you’re not alone. This can be empowering because there’s strength in numbers. Compassion produces a constructive attitude about life and helps you connect with others on many levels.

5 – Try breathing techniques to help relax

Controlled breathing positively impacts your stress levels. This one works very well if you persist with it. It’s called the 2:1 breathing method, and can relax you quickly. It can be done anywhere.

Take in a slow deep breath while counting to 3. Then, hold it in for a count of 3. Exhale for a count of 6. Repeat this until you feel better. You’ll be surprised how such a simple exercise can have a good effect so fast.

The key is in the exhale being twice as long as the inhale. As you get better at it, you can increase it to 4 in, hold for 4, and 8 out. You get the idea!

Do this frequently during the day and watch your stress melt off.

6 – Use your imagination to create positive experiences

This is simple. Imagine a beautiful place where you feel calm and at peace. It could be somewhere you’ve already been to or want to visit in the future. Start with a mental image and try to concentrate on all the wonderful details, using all 5 senses.

This is a great example of practicing mindfulness which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

It will be harder at first and the negative thoughts will creep in. But be persistent and kick out those negative ideas. You’re in control of your own mind and this is YOUR experience.

Every time you practice this, it will get easier and easier.

7 – Toss out those negative emotions

This may be symbolic, but it gives you such a strong sense of control over your negative feelings.

Write down what’s bothering you on a piece of paper then scrunch it up and throw it away. If you like, you could also burn it. Do what you think would give you the most relief. Be creative.

This helps you mentally let go of what’s bothering you and helps you regain control. As you practice this you’ll get more and more control of your emotions. You’ll be able to change your feelings at will in no time.

 Sound good?

These are just some ways to deal with stressful, difficult emotions, but there are dozens of other ways you could find healing and a way to get through your negative experiences.

Like I said before, be creative and think of ways that suit you. Change these methods to what works for you. Mix-and-match them to your heart’s content. After all, the point is finding what makes you stronger and more capable of facing your fears.

While you may know by now that it’s not as easy as it sounds, all you need is to take that first, single step. You’ll become more resilient and better at finding healthier, more constructive ways to cope with your difficult emotions.

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