7 Healthy Ways To Cope With Difficult Emotions

Show Notes

Mental wellbeing plays a crucial role in our daily behavior, viewpoint and feelings. When we’re coping with difficult emotions, we have a hard time dealing with stress, overcoming challenges and building relationships.

1 – Identify your emotions

2 – Write your feelings in a journal or diary

3 – Share how you’re feeling with a trusted friend

4 – Take a step back and look at the big picture

5 – Relaxation breathing techniques

6 – Positive imagery

7 – Throw away your negative emotions

These are just some ways to deal with stressful, difficult emotions, but there are dozens of other ways you can find healing and a way to get through your negative experiences. Like I said before, be creative and think of ways that suit you. The point is to find what makes you stronger and more capable of facing your fears.

While you may know by now that it’s not as easy as it sounds, all you need is to take that first, single step. You’ll become more resilient and better at finding healthier, more constructive ways to cope with your difficult emotions.

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