5 Ways To End Your Sugar-Craving Habit

5 Ways To End Your Sugar-Craving Habit Image

Now is the time to curb your over-consumption of sugar.

Don’t leave it too late. Start weaning yourself off it today.

There’s no nutritional value in eating lots of sugar. But, there is sickness and death.

It’s time you started healing yourself and dropping excess weight. Start with sugar.

Sugar has been making people fatter and sicker for decades now. We know it creates type 2 Diabetes, a disease responsible for creating many other destructive conditions.

You don’t need it. That’s a fact. But, you’re addicted to it, another fact.

Millions of people worldwide are suffering badly because of their sugar habits. Sugar has crept into all areas of our food supply. Items you think wouldn’t have much sugar are loaded with it.

Here are five quick, simple tips to help you deal with your sugar habit.

1 – Forget Going Cold Turkey. Go slow

Slowly lessening the amount of sugar you eat will ensure you don’t suffer the side effects of changing things too drastically.

People usually give up their changes after going from one extreme to another, especially without much moderation in between.

Extreme diet changes usually never stick. In fact, they tend to worsen the situation. You’ll most likely end up with a stronger sugar habit than you started with. The optimum thing you can do is make small changes that you can stick with over time. It’s far more sustainable.

2 – Change one habit at a time and stick with it. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re hooked on sweetened coffee. You could reduce the amount of sugar each week by adding one teaspoon less sugar to your coffee. Or if that’s too sudden, try reducing half a teaspoon each week.

In 6 weeks or so, your coffee will be sugar-free. A small change done over time that you can stick to with minimal stress.

3 – Try to eat more protein

Eating more protein in your meals helps you feel fuller for longer. Protein also helps you better absorb any starches and carbohydrates you eat with your meal.

Starches and carbohydrates are primarily sugars when broken down for digestion, making you hungry faster after eating and can also cause blood sugar spikes.

4 – Eat more fresh, whole fruit

Sugar in the form of fruits, grains, and veggies has been a natural part of our food supply since the beginning of time.

The trouble with sugar today is that it’s highly refined, and it comes with almost no other substances like fiber and other nutrients. If you are craving sweets, reach for whole fruit. Try a few dates.

The whole fruit gives your body the sugar that you’re craving. It also gives you vitamins and fiber that junk foods don’t provide.

If you have a sudden craving for that extra sweet treat, try overly ripe stone fruits or other fruits. Overripe fruits can be extra sweet. An over-ripe plum or melon can cure a sugar craving, and they won’t cause you problems as refined sugar does.

5 – Understand what you’re eating before you eat it

Food manufacturers are masters of deception. Because of the bad reputation that food groups like sugar and fat have. They’ve gotten creative at hiding the sugar in their products. They hide it by sneakily changing the name to things like fructose or cane juice.

You can judge how much sugar is in your food by reading the nutrition panel on the package. It will show you how many grams of sugar are in what you’re eating. If there are 30 grams of sugar per serving in your morning muffin, you are getting 120 calories of pure sugar to begin your day. Your day will go downhill from there.

Try to consider the timing of when you eat sugar

If you can’t stop eating sugar, you can try to eat it at better times. Sugar is best eaten directly before or after long workouts. If you’re a marathon runner or participate in all-day sporting events, eating sugar-filled snacks inside your active periods will ensure that your body will burn all the calories you’re giving it.

Save your sweets for post-workout snacks. When you do this, your body will use all the sugar you give it. Eating sugar after a workout also helps increase the glycogen stores in your liver.

Increased glycogen stores mean longer-lasting workouts. It’s just better timing, so your body doesn’t end up with excess sugar floating around in it, causing harm.

Okay, so now you have some ways to help you kick your sugar habit. Small manageable changes and knowing what to eat and when will make all the difference when it comes to detoxing from sugar.

Try writing your experiences in a journal. You can write about what worked for you and what didn’t. Were there any successful strategies that you used when you kicked your sugar habit?

Writing in this way will strengthen your resolve and help you to finally stop eating excess sugar so you can lose weight and stay healthy.



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