5 Top Reasons To Design The Life You Want—And 6 Signs Of Living A Fake One

5 Top Reasons To Design The Life You Want—And 6 Signs Of Living A Fake One Image

Are you living the kind of life you’re happy with? Or are you just going through the motions day after day because you feel you can’t have anything better?

But what if you could design the life you really want? How would that make you feel and how would you go about creating it?

It’s a very interesting subject don’t you agree? Let’s explore this a little more in this episode.

Before we continue, I want to give you a link to a free guide called Designing the Greatest Me. It’s about designing the life you really want.

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By making the choice to design the life you really want, compared to letting life just happen to you, you’ll experience some very cool benefits.

Taking control of your life and going after the things that are really important to you can help you not only achieve your dreams but also learn new skills, find new opportunities, and let go of the fears that are holding you back.

Here are the top five reasons you should start today to design the life you really want…

#1. You learn to identify what truly makes you happy.

When you make the decision to design your life the way you want it to be, you have to understand what it is that makes you truly happy.

When you get in touch with your strengths, your gifts, and what brings you joy and energizes you, you can use this knowledge to put yourself on the path towards something better.

Designing your life starts with a self-assessment, and you’ll gain new knowledge about what makes you happy in life and how that’s likely to change over time.

If you join our mailing list by signing up for the free guide I mentioned at the beginning of this episode, I’ll send you a self-assessment pdf. It’s really mind-opening to do this kind of assessment.

#2. You’ll learn how to appreciate failures and mistakes as learning opportunities.

When you design your own life, you learn that all the mistakes and obstacles that you face are not setbacks or failures. They’re, instead, opportunities to learn and grow. Being happy in life and achieving your goals is a process. It doesn’t all happen at once, and you don’t know everything you need to know right now to make it all come true in the future.

You have to learn, and learning is a process of trial and error, of making and learning from mistakes. Designing your life allows you the freedom to set your sights on a goal that makes you happy. To be at peace with the process of learning and evolving that must happen so you can achieve that dream.

#3. You can find a fulfilling career. And then find a new one.

Designing your own life means you don’t have to be stuck in your current job. You can reach for new aspirations at any point you want. The design process teaches you to imagine many different futures, all of which could make you happy. And to understand that finding work that energizes you and brings you joy and passion shouldn’t be a lofty goal that’s unachievable.

Designing your life means you pick the one job that fulfills you today, and when that stops being your passion, you know you have the skills and mindset to find the next great opportunity.

#4. You’ll learn to navigate the biggest decision points in your life with ease.

Designing your life teaches you how to assess, make evaluations, envision multiple outcomes, and select among many different choices.

These are all essential life skills when it comes to not only designing your life but also making tough decisions along the way. Once you feel confident that your design process works and is bringing you happiness, you’ll start to see many ways these skills are transferable to all the decision-making points in your life.

#5. You can imagine multiple futures for yourself, then decide on the one you want to pursue.

Design is a process that involves choices and options. When you design the life you really want, you take the time to imagine multiple futures and various pathways.

You see that several different options could bring you joy, and you’re reminded that there is not one right future or path for you. Knowing this is freeing, allowing you to change directions in the future or start again when you find your passion and joy weakening.

Let’s take a look at the 6 signs of living a fake life

Leading a life that is inauthentic means you are not being true to yourself and your beliefs. A fake life is all about pleasing others but doesn’t please you. When you decide to live more authentically, you make the choice to accept yourself, including your flaws and strengths.

You make decisions based on what you value and believe, and you stop engaging in self-defeating habits that interfere with your success and ability to reach your goals.

To live a real life, one that is not fake to yourself or others, means you know yourself well, you act in ways that uphold your beliefs, and you stop judging yourself and others for being less than perfect.

How can you tell if you’re living a fake life compared to one that’s truly authentic?

Here are six signs to watch out for…

#1. You spend money on things to help you “cope” with your life.

Whether it’s expensive foods, manicures, massages, or new clothes, if part of you feels the need to engage in “retail therapy” just to relieve stress or get through your week, chances are you are not living your most authentic life.

When you are false to yourself and make choices in your personal and professional life that’re not aligned with your beliefs or values, it creates stress.

These friction points build up, and eventually, you need to let off some steam. If you find yourself seeking out ways to spend money to feel better, you may be leading a fake life.

#2. You live your life just waiting for your next vacation.

If you spend your days waiting until you get off work, your weeks hoping for Friday, or your months endlessly daydreaming about your next vacation, you’re not living an authentic life.

When your life is fake, you need to “get away” from it, and you spend a lot of time imagining how much happier you’ll be when you’re away from your day-to-day.

If you’re living a life that is authentic to your values and beliefs, you’re not as compelled to plan elaborate vacations or spend weeks away just to unwind.

When you love your life and are living according to your true wishes and values, you don’t need to escape to be happy. Happiness is right there waiting for you each day when you get out of bed.

#3. You never have any time.

When you’re living an inauthentic life, you never have enough time. No time to spend with friends, to work out, for hobbies or fun, or to focus on your own personal development.

If your fake life is causing you to spend time projecting the image you think you are supposed to or has you busy trying to “cope” with your existence, it’s hard to find quiet moments of solitude or reflection.

Living a life that’s yours and is true to you means you are not merely surviving but thriving.

#4. You find it hard to experience joy.

If you spend your time thinking about what others have or focused on what is missing from your life, rather than being grateful for your life’s opportunities, you’re leading an inauthentic life.

Being fake means you focus on what you don’t have, what others have instead of you, or what’s wrong in your life. This robs you of joy and happiness, leading to more feelings of negativity.

#5. Your health may be suffering.

If you’re so stressed out living your life that you can’t enjoy your life, it’s a good indication your life isn’t very authentic. If you need regular massages to help you cope with all your stress, or if you find yourself emotionally eating as a coping strategy, your health and your happiness are suffering.

#6. You care more about what others think than your own beliefs.

Focusing on what others think is the true sign of a fake life. No one should matter more in your life than you. It’s your happiness that’s most important. When you learn to focus only on what you think is important, you can finally start living the most authentic version of your life.

If you’ve identified any of these signs in your own life, it’s time to start designing a life that is yours and living the best life you can imagine.

And, before you leave, get this free guide called Designing the Greatest Me. It’s about designing the life you really want.

Go to wlmind.com/gm, That’s w-l-m-i-n-d.com/g-m

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