5 Keys For The Correct Weight-loss Mindset

5 Keys For The Correct Weight-loss Mindset Image

Our mindsets are what form our character.

Nothing changes without changing our mindset first.

Focus on that and the things you’d like to change about yourself will start to become easier…

When it comes to our bodies, we tend to be very concerned. We also tend to be overly judgmental.

How we approach our body shapes, whether that shape is round or fit, is often decided by the aspects of the mindset we created for ourselves.

There are dysfunctional mindsets and thought patterns we should avoid, and there are some that are more helpful and beneficial than others.

Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on your goals

One of the biggest reasons why so many New Year’s Resolutions fail is because we don’t spend the time crafting a workable goal.

This is because more often than not, goals are one of two things:

Too non-specific

Too focused on the numbers

With dieting, focusing on hitting a specific number can become very discouraging very quickly when you hit a plateau, or break under biological pressure.

Focus instead on process goals rather than endpoint goals.

Instead of looking to get down to 92 pounds or a particular size, focus on why you want to lose weight.

Have a serious discussion with yourself about your underlying motives and address methods to get you there.

For example: Let’s say Jessica wants to lose 60 pounds so she can take part in a running race.

Instead of focusing on her weight, she should focus on an exercise routine, drinking enough water every day, and getting into the habit of getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

Focus on positivity reward. Food is not a reward. It’s necessary for survival. It’s also not a punishment.

Rather than depriving yourself of a full meal at dinner because you cheated with a cupcake at lunch, how about you show yourself some love and cut yourself a break.

This doesn’t mean punishing yourself by forcing more time on the treadmill either.

In the same way, food is not a punishment, neither is exercise.

As a species, we evolved under the constant threat of starvation. This means that early man and woman expended serious amounts of energy running, ducking, lunging, diving, and jumping.

We may not have a survival need to chase after animals for food in packs, but we do have a primal need to move our bodies. In the same way that food is necessary, so is exercise.

Food and exercise shouldn’t be treated like the consequences of the forbidden fruit. They can be enjoyed, appreciated, and respected.

Stay off the scale and away from measuring tapes

If you take nothing else out of this section take at least this much:

Muscle weighs more than fat.

That being said…

Stay off the scale.

Stay away from the measuring tape and stop watching the calendar. Don’t let the calendar, scales, and tape measure become your suppressive masters.

Healthy, sustainable weight loss takes time and effort. Every time you hit a plateau, stress engages. It encourages your body to start hoarding again. You don’t need that nonsense.

By focusing on procedural goals like getting the exercise and sleep your body needs, you’ll start to feel the results in your day-to-day life. All a scale or a missed metric is going to do is cast doubt on your achievements and cause you unnecessary stress. And we know what stress can do, right?

Try to identify your troublesome thoughts

We all have it.

That internal voice that tells you things like, “great job,” or “you really suck at this.”

Any time we set goals for ourselves, that voice chimes in to provide support or judgment.

It’s informed by your innermost thoughts and it’s shaped by how healthy or dysfunctional your relationship with yourself is.

Address any negative self-talk and stop it in its tracks.

A good unit of measure is if you wouldn’t say that to someone you love, or hold your best friend to that standard, then you shouldn’t say that to yourself or hold yourself to that standard.

It’s not good or bad

Stay away from any and all ideologies that demonize certain foods.

Just eat as healthy as you can using good quality food. If you make a mistake and eat something sweet or fattening, forgive yourself and move on. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Love yourself no matter what. You know what you need to do. Just get back up and keep going.

Don’t starve yourself. Just keep moderation in mind.

Keep in mind that there is no red or blue pill for weight loss.

No single act will affect your reality.

You can, however, keep a positive and truly helpful mentality through your weight loss journey. That’s what’s important.

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5 Keys For The Correct Weight-loss Mindset
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