Why Trying To Keep Weight Off Is Hard

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It’s no easy feat to keep the weight off after a diet. The majority of people, who undergo weight loss, will gain weight back, and in many cases more weight. It isn’t about effort or willpower, it’s about biology. When you’re trying to maintain weight loss, you’re fighting against a body system that’s wired to pack on those lost pounds.

The Simple Reason For Weight Regain

When you start to lose weight your fat deposits, or energy stores, decrease. This triggers your hormones to send signals to your brain that fat stores are at a critical level. This is because one of the hormones is leptin. Fat cells create this hormone to suppress your appetite.

Don’t Lose Hope

This sounds like bad news for people looking to lose weight, but it shouldn’t leave you feeling defeated. The real message here isn’t that your body is sabotaging you, it’s making you aware of what you’re up against. Regaining your lost weight doesn’t have to be inevitable.


If you’ve worked hard to lose weight and you’re starting to gain some back, know that this is your body’s natural response to the process. It doesn’t mean your body will win though. 

Remember, if you’ve already lost 20 pounds you need to reduce your calorie intake more than someone who started their diet when they were 180 pounds.

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