Love Yourself Unconditionally(and weight loss becomes easier)

Love Yourself Unconditionally and weight loss becomes easier Image

Do you love your body as it is right now?

Or are you disgusted by it, angry with it or very critical?

Practice learning to love your body before it’s exactly how you want it.

Your health and your ability to lose weight depends on it!

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If you don’t love yourself and your body right now, how can you expect to control your life the right way?

You can’t wait until you achieve the desired weight loss results. Most of the time, it doesn’t work like that.

Learning to accept responsibility for your own well-being, health, and weight is an immensely powerful step. Especially if you’ve struggled with your weight your whole life.

Maybe you have great goals and lots of willpower, but it’s still almost impossible to achieve lasting weight loss. The problem isn’t just your diet. Your problem is your heart, mind and body connection. They must work in unison if you expect to get any kind of optimum results.

If you want to be healthy and well, you must love yourself and your body first. When you don’t like yourself very much, you won’t feel like you deserve to be happy, that your goals are not important or achievable.

Life will feel a little hopeless. You’ll feel somewhat worthless and that you can never lose weight. This attitude will always, always hold you back from a better life.

Learn to confront Your emotional self and needs

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize just how beautiful and wonderful you are. But this shift in thinking of learning to love your body, accept it for what it is, and honor its needs right now, will enable you to live a healthier life and achieve the happiness you deserve.

If you’re willing to learn to love yourself and your body in order to lose weight successfully, here are some tips to help you get started.

#1 Learn to listen to your thoughts, not your stomach

Your eating habits are more of a reflection of your emotional needs rather than your physical ones. When you have problems with loving yourself, you try to fill that emotional emptiness with comfort foods. Of course, they never provide much real comfort in the end. Focusing attention on your thoughts and emotions will help you avoid those traps.

#2 Pay attention to how food makes you feel

When you eat something, notice carefully how your body responds. Usually the foods we crave the most leave us feeling worse after we’ve eaten them than we did before. But as you probably know, that still doesn’t curb our cravings for them.

By learning to pay attention to the physical cues, rather than the mental and emotional ones, can help you make better choices for your health and well-being. Eating sugar may make you feel better temporarily, but is it worth how you will feel in the end?

#3 Use self-reflection to gain a better understanding of yourself and why you do what you do

As we live our lives we don’t always get the opportunity to understand what went wrong or what happened to make us go off track. But by using self-reflection we can trace it back and find out exactly what was going on that made us do what we did.

We get to see what our thoughts and reactions were just before we ate something we shouldn’t have. It’s a great exercise to use that allows you to change your behavior faster. You’ll have far better control over your life if you use it effectively.

#4 Consider your relationships

If your relationship with food has become a substitute for your relationships with others, then you are likely making unhealthy choices. When you lack love for yourself, it’s easy to believe that others could not possibly love you. This causes you to isolate yourself or accept your loneliness. You then try to curb that with food.

If you eat when you are alone or because you feel lonely, learning to like yourself and respect yourself enough to take care of your health is an important goal to work toward.

#5 Don’t wait until you’re perfect before you accept yourself

It never works out that way. It’ll never happen. Imagine you had a child and every day you showed no love towards them. You told them you’d only accept them if they became different somehow. The hurt that child felt would make them feel worthless and it would be impossible for them to change and please you. They would probably hate you, right? Why would they do anything for you?

Many people are doing that with their own bodies aren’t they?

If you love your body unconditionally right now you’ll be more willing to care for it. Stop treating your body like an outcast or reject. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll get good results. Not just with weight loss but also with your overall well-being.

Final Thoughts

Learning to love yourself means accepting where your weight is at now, you eat only what your body needs, and you feel happy with your life in the present moment. It also means that you won’t be sabotaging your own efforts at getting healthy, and this alone is a key reason to work on your self-esteem. You’ll  hold great power over the choices you make for your eating and health.

Unconditional support for yourself can help you find the path to successful weight loss that has eluded you in the past. It allows you to flip the script and undo old habits that have been holding you back. When you like yourself enough to want lasting good health and longer life, you’ll enjoy the many benefits that come from this way of thinking, including lower weight and a happier self.

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