Lose Weight Using High-Quality Hypnosis Programs(even if you’re skeptical)

Lose Weight Using High-Quality Hypnosis Programs even if you’re skeptical Image

Do you know why diets by themselves don’t work?

Because they’re completely focused on the wrong thing!

There’s always an emotional reason for overeating. People usually seek comfort from food when they’re stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored.

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Science has proven that 95% of diets are ineffective. Dieters usually put the weight back on (and then some) within a year.

Is it possible to have an ideal weight forever?

Instead of this unending struggle that many of us go through for most of our lives.

Think about it!

We’re all born with a normal relationship with food, right? Babies don’t overeat or binge. They just eat what they need.

So if we accept the idea that we were born with a normal, healthy attitude about food, somewhere along the way we learned bad habits. Bad habits that are ruining our lives.

Let’s clear up any misconceptions about hypnosis?

I used to believe hypnosis was a way for someone to take complete control of your mind—Make you do what you don’t want to do.

It’s not hard to guess why if you’ve ever seen those crazy celebrity hypnotists making people think they’re a chicken or something and strut around the stage clucking.

Yes, we laugh and think it’s funny, but we really don’t want to be controlled that way. Even for fun!

Then there’s also those old-style hypnosis CDs for handling a phobia or giving up smoking. Have you ever tried one of those for anything? I have and got no results from it at all.

Most of those things are just cheaply done and aren’t very effective.

But what about hypnosis programs from a highly qualified therapist with a lot of experience?

These are completely different products, and can be highly effective. High quality hypnosis doesn’t make you lose control. You are completely aware of everything you say and everything the therapist says. And you have realizations or “aha” moments from the session. Otherwise what’s the point right?

Hypnosis uses special techniques to help you bypass your conscious mind—which acts as a kind of security guard. This allows you to access your subconscious programming, where habits live, and re-program it. It can be quite magical.

To repeat, you are fully aware. It’s not the therapist controlling you. You’re working together to handle your issues. The therapist is the facilitator. The expert who guides you to get the results YOU want.

How hypnosis can help you have perfect weight forever

Anything that you have trouble with in your life. Anything you really want to change but feel you can’t, needs a shift in your mindset first. Your mindset must be changed if you want lasting results. Willpower isn’t the answer. We know the results from that are only temporary, right?

Your mind is a powerful ally if used correctly. Used incorrectly, it can seem like your worst enemy. But is it really?

No! It’s doing exactly what it’s been programmed to do at some point in your past. If we learn how to re-program it, life becomes better. It becomes what we want it to be.

High quality hypnosis programs help you reach the area in your mind where you can make changes. The subconscious.

From there you can change your false ideas, beliefs, programs and limitations around your relationship with food and your body.

Nobody wants to be overweight, right? If you say you do, or you don’t mind, then that’s just part of the mind’s programming too, and you’ve just given up. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hypnosis programs can give you support to reach your weight loss goals. But, it’s not an instant fix!

Does hypnosis for weight loss work for everyone?

The short answer is no, hypnosis is not some magic pill.

It worked for me. I was at a desperate time in my life and really HAD to lose weight, or suffer the consequences. Hypnosis programs for weight loss gave me the edge I needed. I was lucky to find a really good one.

But, many of us have tried various diets, all kinds of exercise routines and numerous special weight loss tactics, right? And while some work for a short time, they mainly fail. Big time!

You need to be able to tap in to something deeper than just the food you eat to lose weight. That’s where hypnosis can help you.

Yes, you still need to eat a healthy diet and do some exercise. But imagine that at the same time you can play a high-quality hypnosis program every day. And this program helps you to slowly overcome your bad eating habits, your insecurities about food, and your cravings.

Your chances of success skyrocket.

There are many studies that show how hypnosis can actually help with weight loss. I’ll put links to those studies in the show notes for this episode.

If you’d like to find out more about using hypnosis to get to your perfect weight forever, you can go to wlmind.com/pwf, That’s w-l-m-i-n-d.com/p-w-f

So together with your strong desire to change your bad eating habits and your ability to re-program your subconscious mind you WILL get to your perfect weight, and stay there.

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