Learn To Tune-In To Your Body & Lose Weight

Learn To Tune-In To Your Body & Lose Weight Image

Being more in tune with your body will help you with losing weight.

Your body would really prefer not to be sick and overweight. But often we impose our will on it.

We need to learn to work with the body, not against it.

Successfully losing weight and keeping it off, isn’t about following some crazy, strict list of rules. It’s definitely not about depriving yourself of food. It’s about listening to what your body and mind are telling you.

Diets usually fail miserably because you allow your brain to control your eating habits. If you want to learn to control your weight and stay healthy, how about learning to listen to your body instead. Give it a try!

You have this inbuilt, natural intuition that tells you when you’re actually hungry and what nutrients your body needs most.

The trouble is, these signals have been ignored. You stopped listening to them for whatever reasons. This is why you’ve gained weight and fallen into those unhealthy eating habits.

Your body knows how to survive if given a chance

This fact will probably be difficult to accept because diet commercials and so-called experts keep telling you differently. But the truth is your body knows exactly what it needs to be healthy. You just have to learn to listen to its signals, not your cravings.

We’re always listening to our mind and emotions. That just makes us fall into unhealthy eating habits making us gain weight. Usually more than we lost. Listening to your body’s intuition instead, helps you find health and a healthy weight that comes with less effort and less deprivation.

The basic truth about learning to eat healthy is this. If you eat when you’re physically hungry, if you eat what your body tells you it needs, and if you stop eating when you’re full, you won’t have any weight problems. Yes, it can really be that simple.

If you’ve been dieting for a while, it probably goes against everything you’ve heard about losing weight, because the diet industry keeps telling you to listen to your mind and not your body.

If you want to lose weight, listen to your body

When you learn to listen to your body, you’ve got to ignore the food signals and cravings that come from your mind. Suppress those emotional eating signals that tell you to eat so you’ll feel better. You need to put this little rational thought buffer between the idea and the action. Just enough time to think about what you’re about to do.

Learn to recognize the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Don’t listen to the cravings of your emotional brain, listen to your physical body.

So exactly how do you learn to listen to your body. You need to think carefully about what you really want when you’re hungry. If you’re physically hungry and your body needs food, any healthy food you suggest will sound good.

If your hunger is coming from emotions and you just want to eat to comfort yourself, only certain foods will come to mind when you think about what sounds good. They’ll most likely be comfort foods with lots of starch, fat, or salt.

Just ask yourself the question, What sounds good to eat? The answer will tell you whether or not you should listen to it. But remember, you need to put in that slight time buffer I mentioned earlier. When we’re acting from our emotions, we tend to be more act first and think later. More like regret later, right?

It’s very important for you to learn to recognize real hunger. Physical hunger starts gradually and builds over time. Physical hunger is a rumbling stomach or a twinge in the middle that gives stronger and stronger signals for you to pay attention.

Emotional hunger happens fast, and originates in your mind. It sends you clear messages about the types of foods you should be eating. You may even think of certain textures or tastes to satisfy that hunger. Mmmmmm that creamy, sugar-filled morsel sounds dreamy! You know what I mean, right?

Finally, you need to tune into your body’s natural needs and learn to stop eating when you’re full. The best way to do this is to eat mindfully instead of mindlessly stuffing your mouth.

This means keeping your focus on your meal completely, rather than on a digital device or the TV. Chew slowly and don’t rush. Take at least 20 minutes for your meal. Pay attention to the signals your body sends when it’s had enough. It will tell you if you’re listening.

Final thoughts

Learning to listen to your body means sharpening your intuition for your physical needs rather than your mental or emotional ones.

It means listening to other signals and paying attention to the parts of your body that know best what you really need to be healthy.

You can enhance your intuition by listening for the right signals about what you’re really hungry for.

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