Lose Weight Fast With Calm, Focused, Healthy Eating

Lose Weight Fast With Calm, Focused, Healthy Eating Inage

When you’re focused and calm, you’ll lose weight faster than anything else.

Do you simply just sit and eat your meals without any distractions?

Or are you always doing something else at the same time?

Focusing on what you’re eating, when you’re eating, helps you lose weight fast.

What kind of eater are you? Do you eat slowly, or do you blast through your meal as fast as you can?

Many people are fast eaters, because they’re so busy. They believe they don’t have enough time. Usually because of the rapid pace of modern society, filling up their lives with endless options.

I was always a fast eater until recently. I don’t know why. It just seemed like I always had to hurry and be somewhere else.

There are many great reasons why you should slow down and eat more calmly and more mindfully.

You should learn to slow down and appreciate the food you’re eating. It’ll stop you from over eating. You’ll also start to get steady weight lossMaybe by creating this kind of mindset, you’ll also begin to enjoy life more.

What makes slowing your eating down so important.

When you’re feeling calm, peaceful and focused while you’re eating it becomes more like meditation. You have full attention on what you’re doing at the time, when you’re doing it. It sounds simple, and it is. But it can give you some deep insights about your relationship with food. You’ll be aware of any emotional changes that come up.

It’s not only about eating. It can also help with depression or anxiety.

Right now, we’re concerned with eating habits, handling our cravings, and being able to see what triggers us, and what causes us to feel hungry all the time.

So how can eating this way help you lose weight fast?

Imagine sitting down to your meal and being totally focused on what you’re doing. You enjoy the experience being aware of all your senses while you’re eating. You notice all the sensational  flavors and smells. Your plate comes alive with all the wonderful colors, shapes and textures of the various foods. How would that feel?

It can help you repair any guilt or anxiety you might have about food.

You can change your habits in a more natural way. Because you’re not distracted. You can begin to eat more slowly, appreciating every moment and enjoying it.

You’ll be able to tell when you’re hungry, and when you’re not hungry, to make sure you never over eat.

You’ll learn to notice the difference between what’s just emotional hunger triggers, and what real hunger is.

It’ll help your mind become more peaceful. You won’t be in so much of a rush for everything.

Your habits will start to change. You won’t be so stuck on automatic anymore. You’ll begin to lose weight faster.

You’ll become more conscious of what you’re doing.

I hope you’ll try these simple ideas and become more mindful in your life. It may seem simple, but these small things can make big changes in your life over time.

As I’m sure you’re aware, most, if not all, weight loss programs don’t actually work. Overweight people who become slimmer usually return to their previous weight again. Most of the time they add a lot more extra weight. Yeah, I’ve been there too! Many times.

The ability to handle stress is very important for overeating and obesity. Stress can turn you into an emotional eater and cause you to have intense food cravings, putting on more and more weight, even after successfully losing some.

There are studies that have found when you eat with a focused mind, it helps you reduce your weight because you change your behaviors and habits and reduce the stress connected with weight loss.

Just by changing the way you think about food, all the negative emotions that are connected with eating are replaced with more positive emotions. Self-control improves and you have a higher awareness about yourself. All this increases your chances to lose weight faster.

Here are some tips you can use for eating more mindfully & lose weight faster.

Find a quiet place to eat.

Turn off the TV or any noisy devices. This will help you focus on eating.

Notice how you feel when you eat, how does the food make you feel.

Practice eating slower without rushing. You should take at least 20 to 30 minutes to eat your meal. It can take about 20 minutes for the brain to register that you don’t need to eat anymore.

Chew your food well. Chew it for longer, not faster. Enjoy every mouthful.

Keep all distractions away from you when you’re eating with a focused mind.

When you eat this way. You’ll notice the exact moment you feel full. The body will tell you. Stop eating at this point. Even if there’s still some food on your plate.

If you continuously eat like this and not more than about 80% full, your body will start to feel much more comfortable.

As you’ll see when you eat with a focused mind, it will help you with weight loss. It can help you change your eating behaviors. And when you do this, stress is reduced.

Learn to eat slower, learn to focus on the moment, and learn to enjoy your life more.

It’s well worth it so you can lose weight fast and reach your goal weight.


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