Another Key to Weight Loss: Listen Closely to Your Body

Show Notes

Successful weight loss and maintenance doesn’t involve following a strict list of rules and constant deprivation and listening to what your mind tells you. Diets often fail because you’re allowing your brain to control your eating habits. Instead, if you want to learn to control your weight and remain healthy, you must learn to listen to your body.

Your Body Knows

This may be a hard truth to accept because you have diet commercials and experts constantly telling you differently, but your body knows exactly what it needs to be healthy. You just have to learn to listen to its cues.

Listen to Your Body to Lose Weight

Learning to listen to your body requires that you ignore the eating signals and cravings that are coming from your brain. It requires you to push aside the emotional eating cues that are telling you to eat to soothe your feelings.

Final Thoughts

Learning to listen to your body requires a honing of your intuition about your physical needs rather than your mental or emotional issues about eating and food. It means listening to a different set of cues and paying attention to the parts of your body that know the most about what you really need to be healthy. Recalibrating your intuition is something you can do when you learn to listen to the right signals about what you are really hungry for.

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