A Rude Awakening And The Start Of My Weight Loss Journey

A Rude Awakening And The Start Of My Weight Loss Journey Image

A potential client once said something that was a total shock to me!

It was painful, but it created an effect in my life I never expected.

Have a listen to my story! Have you had any similar encounters?

Sometimes all it takes is one sudden shock to wake you up and put you on the path to success. And hopefully it’s one that doesn’t cause too much adversity in your life.

I guess it’s the nature of living in this modern society, but many times we ignore or don’t heed the lessons being presented to us in our lives. We kind of become apathetical to life in a way and don’t see what’s happening right under our noses.

We falsely believe everything is just normal and plod along in our lives.

That’s what it was like for me anyway. It’s interesting where lessons come from sometimes. Maybe from a stranger, a child or a weird event that happens to you. Has that ever happened to you?

We must be truly grateful for these moments when they arrive.

One such awakening happened to me many years ago. I was working as a consultant in my own business. One day a client of mine brought their friend to meet me with the possibility of buying my services. She wanted me to help him with his business and personal life. He was a potential client, a businessman.

At that time I was around 30 pounds overweight. My diet was totally out of control and I felt terrible most of the time, mentally and physically.

This businessman was a very nice guy, friendly and we seemed to get along well.

But, he rejected any consulting services from me. Just said he wasn’t ready to commit right away. He gave me no real reasons and I couldn’t understand why not. But, it was fine, maybe he will do something later.

The next day I was talking to my client who referred him to me. And what she told me was uncomfortable and hit me hard.

She told me he didn’t want to do business with someone who couldn’t control their own weight. He said, “If he couldn’t even control his own weight he probably can’t control much else let alone help me.”

When I heard this my initial reaction was being very hurt and upset by it. I was angry. “How could he say that, he doesn’t really know what I’m capable of, right?”

But, it didn’t really matter how good my abilities were, his first impression of me, because of my weight issue, was an opportunity killer apparently.

After I’d calmed down, what he had said really hit me. What he said was totally correct. The truth! Painful, but the truth nonetheless.

It turned out to be a major wake-up call for me. A turning point. This truth put me on a path to recovering my health, my confidence and my whole life!

I ended up being very grateful for my encounter with that honest business guy.

Has a similar thing ever happened to you?

Sometimes we never find out things like this because most people are nice and wouldn’t be so blunt, right?

I’d like to share a product with you I found at that time that really helped me lose weight and recover my health. It’ll make a big difference for you like it did for me. I guarantee it!

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If you’re listening to this podcast I know you probably often struggle with weight loss just like I did. In fact, the whole reason I do this podcast every week is to help people to overcome their weight issues.

The thing is though, I didn’t like sticking to some kind of restrictive  diet and I definitely couldn’t do a major exercise routine. I should say, I was far too busy plus I really didn’t want to do that.

But, with this ancient Okinawan fat dissolving tonic, it turned out I didn’t really need to. This tonic helps your body let go of unnecessary fat by directly improving your cells metabolic processes. The body starts letting go of the fat at a fast rate with little effort. Hard to believe right?

It’s not one of those supplements we see a lot of that uses caffeine etc to try to burn off fat.

No, this gets to the root of the problem, the actual causes like inflammation. That’s why it’s called a tonic. It’s made from amazing organic herbs and spices that work together to give you awesome results. You just drink it once in the morning and that’s it. Couldn’t be easier right?

I believe this is a miracle tonic and it’s based on 1000s of years of Okinawan history. And most people know about the legendary health and longevity of the Okinawans, right?

At least go and check out the video. They believe in the product so much they give a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee. I know these guys and they’re true to their word.

Go check out the video and you’ll see what I mean. Real people, real results!

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When you decide to try it, please contact me and let me know how well it worked for you too.

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