7 Things You Could Be Doing To Sabotage Your Weight Loss Plans

Show Notes

Weight loss is rarely an easy adventure. When you first embark on your journey to shed pounds, it’s not unusual to want to do everything possible to be successful.

There is no single path to effectively losing your weight, but there are several things you can do to derail your weight loss plans inadvertently.

Here are seven things you might be doing to sabotage your weight loss plans.

Inability to Manage Your Stress Levels

How good are you at managing your stress levels?

Uncontrolled eating

If you aren’t somehow keeping track of what you’re consuming, there’s a real chance you are taking in way too much.

Not Getting Enough Good Sleep

You must never underestimate the power of a good night’s rest when it comes to your waistline and the scale.

Not Getting Enough Exercise

You should consider incorporating some form of physical exercise into your daily regimen to help get your heart rate up and get your blood moving.

Late-Night Eating Habits

Are you guilty of making a late-night trip to the refrigerator? 

Not Consuming Enough Protein

Protein can have a positive effect on your weight loss efforts.

You’re Not Drinking The Right Amount of Water

Water consumption remains a vital component of any weight loss plan.


These are just seven things you might be doing to sabotage your weight loss plans. If one or more of these sabotaging acts apply to your lifestyle, take steps today to slowly make a change to your actions and keep an eye out for better results.

More importantly though, keep loving yourself no matter what! 

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Weight loss apps: Lose It or MyFitnessPal

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