What’s the Big Lie that’s stopping you from melting body fat deep within virtually any area of the body?

What’s the Big Lie that’s stopping you from melting body fat deep within virtually any area of the body? Image

And without all those unworkable restrictive diets and workout programs you’ve tried for yourself.

We really don’t want to punish ourselves when trying to lose weight, do we?

This big lie is that to lose excess weight we must eat less, and work out more.

Or that we need to focus on how many calories we’re eating. That we must eat a “special food” that does it all for you.

If you’re like most people, you’ve already experienced how cutting back calories, wheat, gluten, carbs might have worked for a little while…

But you got stuck in a plateau that won’t shift at all. And nothing you do changes your weight. It makes you go crazy… and then eat more.

You just know that doesn’t work!

Now, here’s the honest truth.

It’s not about calories…

There’s not a magic pill…

It’s not about some magic workout…

It’s about your fat cells having the ability to open up and let go of what’s inside them.

Here’s what I mean…

Scientists used to think fat cells were just balloons that stored fat. But now scientists have found that fat cells can “talk”. They tell each other when to release fat.

Dr. Michael A. Smith, Senior Health Scientist for Life Extension, explains it like this:

“It turns out that fat cells are just as complex as any other cell in the body. They have receptors on the surface that enable them to send and receive signals.”

When a fat cell gets a signal to “release fat,” they let go of the fat inside. Isn’t that interesting?

But that’s not the whole story.

They also send messages to cells in muscles, the liver and other organs forcing them to use the released fat for energy.

Wait! Now let me get this straight!

Not only does it signal the fat cells inside your body to open and release what’s inside, it also tells your muscles to use this newly released fat for energy.

This is important because as we get older, it get’s harder

As we age, it gets harder and harder for our fat cells to send and receive these messages.

Even though you’re eating healthy food, counting calories, and eating less carbs, if the fat cells inside your body don’t get a signal to release fat from inside your cells, it won’t happen.

Inflammation that’s all through your body. The hormone imbalances caused by stress. Processed foods and environmental toxins harm the receptors of your fat cells. This will kill their ability to receive any kind of signal to release body fat.

Dr. Smith also said:

“For a significant number of us, even if we’re eating well and exercising, our fat cells are just not getting the proper signals — or they’re not responding to them. As a result, cells are not burning fat, at least not at the level that they should be.”

This is why so many people are experiencing stubborn, fat storage no matter how little they eat or no matter how hard they exercise.

But now, science has revealed a way to restore fat cell communication.

In 2008, researchers at Harvard University were shocked to discover an all natural molecule called palmitoleic acid.

I think everyone knows an oil called “Omega 3” and that it’s one of the healthiest kinds of fat you should eat every day. This is like a cousin to Omega 3. But much more powerful.

Scientists call it Omega 7.

When the Harvard researchers put fat cells in a petri dish and added this nutrient, they were able to actually measure the fat being leaving the cells!

Only a very small amount of this special oil was needed in the body to start seeing amazing results on many levels.

Scientists discovered it was able to do…

  • Command your fat cells to open up and release the fat contents. As well as telling your body to burn that released fat for energy at the same time.
  • To normalize blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance
  • To block 96% of arterial plaque
  • To lower bad cholesterol levels by 11% without any changes to diet and exercise
  • Improve digestion and repair damaged skin cells

No wonder Harvard’s governing board applied for a patent on it.

But that wasn’t the only place that tested it.

Dr. Oz featured this study on his show.

In Australia, an experiment was done with rats. Two groups of rats were fed the SAME amount of food. But one group was given small amount of this new nutrient.

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