3 Mindset Tweaks For Losing Weight – And How Keep It Off

Weight loss is hard and maintaining any loss on a permanent basis is even harder. Your mindset plays a key role in losing weight and keeping it off. Experts agree that 99% of successful weight loss is psychological.

Think long term habits, not short-term fixes. If you look for quick fixes, you’ll only get short term results. Stop thinking about losing weight quickly and start thinking about how to lose weight sustainably.

When deciding on the actions you will take towards weight loss, ask yourself if it’s something you could see yourself doing for 5 or 10 years. Your results are tied to your actions. If you can’t maintain the actions that resulted in weight loss, you won’t maintain that loss. Stop thinking weeks. Start thinking years.

Stop believing in the magic diet. Believing that that “special magic diet” will save you is one of the most common psychological blocks to lasting weight loss. The merry go round goes like this, you find a new diet that promises great results, you get on the diet, you lose 10, maybe 20 pounds and then you get off the diet and return to eating as you normally do. No lasting changes have been made, and so you gain the weight you lost or more right back. Three months later, once again, you find another new diet and here we go again.

Sound familiar? How many times have you been down that road? The truth is diets don’t work. There is NO magic diet. The key to lasting weight loss is making profound lifestyle habit changes, and appropriate shifts in your mindset, attitudes and thought processes. Success is about mastering the basics. Not the fancy stuff. Those magic diets are just shiny objects that distract you from what you ought to be doing and lasting results.

Get comfortable with discomfort. Discomfort is a huge psychological block to weight loss. All change in life involves some level of discomfort, and the weight loss journey presents many. It is therefore very important to get comfortable with discomfort. This skill and change of mindset are key to weight loss and can also help you in other areas of your life.

Practice is key, so spend 10 minutes each day in some type of discomfort. Sit out in the cold without a jacket, take ice cold showers, skip dinner, whatever makes you uncomfortable, just do it. Thanks for watching and best wishes for your weight loss journey.

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