Winning the Battle Against Obesity: Why Losing Weight is So Challenging


This video discusses the misconceptions about obesity and the complexity of weight management.

The energy balance equation, where weight is determined by the balance between calories consumed and burned, is oversimplified. The theory of set point suggests that the brain has a complex system in place to regulate energy intake and expenditure to keep body fat within a set point range. Therefore, weight loss through diet and exercise can be challenging as the brain will work to restore lost body fat by increasing hunger and reducing calorie burn.

The rising rate of obesity is caused by a perfect storm of changes in our modern environment such as the western diet, decreased physical activity, increased stress, inadequate sleep, and medications that promote weight gain. Obesity is a disease where the body dis-regulates to a body fat set point that is too high, and it’s time to recognize it as such and provide treatment rather than snap judgment.

The video encourages people to share the message to raise awareness.

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