9 Ways For Losing Weight Without Strict Diets

Strict diets are not the answer for losing weight. In fact, it can make matter worse and possible lead to binge eating. ANY restrictive diet is not a good idea.

But how do eat what you want to eat without getting fat?

I know right? Millions of people dream about that 🙂

Researchers continue to reveal a number of simple rules you should follow that will help you reduce weight with little effort. Oh and by the way, it’s also healthy.

Watch the video to find out these nine ways to lose weight without dieting.

Add healthy fats to your diet. 0:51
Watch the number of lost calories during physical activity. 1:41
Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. 2:29
Breathe in the smell of olive oil. 3:19
Eat with pleasure. 4:02
Choose the right pasta. 4:48
Take calcium supplements if you can’t digest dairy products. 5:47
Eat solid food in the morning. 6:34
Eat dark chocolate. 7:20

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