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My name’s Rick Taylar and I hope you find useful information in the Podcasts and Articles on my site.

After I reached 35 years old, I started to gain weight. At that time it was much easier to change my diet or include some exercise to reduce the weight I packed on.

Then around 50, I found it increasingly more difficult to keep the weight off. I tried many things, and while diets like the Keto worked, it was only temporary.

It wasn’t until I really took a long hard look at myself and what was going on with gaining weight all the time that I discovered that NO diet would ever have any lasting results.


It wasn’t anything to do with a particular diet, it was all about my mindset. My habits had become so deeply ingrained I would always end up back at square one.

Once I began working on my mindset and changing my habit, it became easy to lose the weight and more importantly, keep it off.

Weight loss truly is 99% mindset!

Once you get your mind right, everything becomes easier. Not just losing weight, but also whatever else you need to accomplish.

Don’t take this lightly, focus on changing your mindset and your habits. The work you do on yourself will richly reward you!

Live your life to the fullest!

Rick Taylar


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